Art of heart

There are many artists who you’d call prolific. However, only a few of the many end up showcasing their innovative creations. So many talented artists never make it to the big walls of national museums. Regardless, seeing those who do, and who do it in unique ways, makes you realise that art is an undefinable, endless stream of consciousness. There’s no one right way to art, and those who say otherwise haven’t experienced true art.

Nam June Paik, a Korean-American artist is an innovator. The pioneer of video art, he also created what seems like scrawls but are deep-meaning works. Like this one. It’s a showpiece in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. It’s my shadow that reflects on the art, right on top of the heart. Though sloppy in terms of photography, I like how unintentional, yet meaningful it is that I hover over the heart that pumps, that’s complete and full of love.

Modern Art - SFMOMA - Nam June Paik.jpeg

You should also take a look at the original artwork on the SFMOMA website.

5 thoughts on “Art of heart

  1. So true about artist never making it in museums or displayed on wall yet i have seen wonderful example of art work by young and old, skilled and those just doodling. thank you for sharing!

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