Writing about myself is probably the toughest thing I have ever attempted. And that does include my examinations.

Me, I am the one who opts to celebrate Friday evenings and the weekends alone.

What would you call that kind of a person? Single? Sad? Depressed? Loner? Friendless? Killjoy? Introvert? Spoiler?

Well, I think I am a bit of everything. Throw in a bit of chaos and ta-da! That’s me.

I’ve heard of people’s attempts to escape the chaos within, but I am so not one of them. I live with the chaos, finding the peace within too.

When I started this blog, I was so unsure of myself that I needed help to pick a blog title. Two years on, and I am still quite unsure of myself. But, I do know one thing: chaos is what I am. So, the name stays.

I am not such an organized person, so you can’t expect new posts in here routinely. But I do plan to publish quite often, because my drafts are getting a little too many to handle.

And in case you’re wondering what you’ll find here, that makes the two of us!

27 thoughts on “me

  1. All i want to say is just find your identity, work for peace and rejoice life not chaos. wish you the best and expecting change in your life, blog and this post as well.
    Keep Writing n Stay Blessed!


    1. Thanks for your concern, Sunny. But I’m not an advocate of chaos. I only draw inspiration from the chaos within me – that’s who I am, I learn to live with chaos and find the peace within as well.
      Have a good day.


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