Photo of a tall tree, with spreading branches, stood by the footpath.

Stands unassuming,
in the middle of the path,
giant tree at home.


Photo of a long road, with trees on either side, as seen from the front passenger seat of a car.

Old friends side by side,
a straight road stretching afar;
gumtrees share stories.


photo of a bush turkey walking on a wooden patio of a house

Tap tapping away,
native bird seeks lost shelter,
in a human world.


Photo of a road with few vehicles and autumnal trees shedding leaves.

Leaves crunch underfoot,
straight, smooth, auto-mated roads;
a winter commute.


close up photo of a latte art in the shape of a leaf

On coffee, as trees, 
the perfect leaf doesn’t exist—
blow it; savour it