photo of a mostly-bare tree branch, with some yellow and green leaves remain

Making way for change:
mother tree lets offspring go;
teen moves out of home

Wake up call

photo of the sun, just as it rises above the ocean horizon

Father ocean calls:
there’s light in the horizon;
awake my dear sun.


photo of a leaf-less tree against a dark, cloudy sky in the background

Exhausted limbs stretch,
yawning at wintery skies;
humans and bare trees.


Photo of a path of luscious pine trees in the middle of a large area of sand by the beach.

Patch of greenery
in expansive sandy bay;
coffee on cold days.


photo of the full moon against the blue of the pre-sunrise sky, with a house and front yard in the foreground

Drop in an ocean:
blue sky illuminated;
moon, before sunrise.