Blood orange season

clouds gather as a deep orange colour sets behind the Telstra tower - autum sunset in Canberra

Unmissable spray,
orange juice on a light shirt;
autumnal sunset.


a bird and a single bench in the bikepath along Lake Ginninderra, Canberra

Peck pecking away,
company for the lonely,
peace by the lake front.


White clouds slowly shifting from the left side to the right where the sky is clear and blue, Canberra

Testing the waters,
wonders, worried mind wanders
towards blues, as clouds.

Coming soon

Reddish-brown leaves in a tree with mostly green leaves, Canberra - on the second day of autumn
Second day of autumn, Canberra

A tiptoeing cat,
one step at a time, one leaf;
creeping in autumn.

Occasional beauty

Though often hidden,
every one has a moment;
beaming sunflower.