photo of an autum tree with a pool of brown and red leaves around it, taken in the second week of winter

The last of its kind,
going bald, still bold, holds ground—
locked in time, autumn.


photo of a brown autumn leaf on the ground, taken on the second week of winter

Fragile and fading,
welcoming clear tomorrows—
dying leaves, bodies.

Just arrived

night fog settling, as seen around street lights
Canberra streets

Out in bitter cold,
settling down gradually—
fog, new immigrant.


a burnt tree with green trees around it

Observe a burnt tree:
from the ashes rises life—
phoenix isn’t a bird.

Rise and shine

a tower mostly hidden by morning fog, Launceston Tasmania
Tamar Island Wetlands, Launceston, Tasmania

Observe nothingness,
hear silence ring through the fog—
a world awakens.