Light Diets

A weak shot at health—

her fruitless juice diet was,

just gossip fibres.


Though mind was aware:

marriage meant more than money,

week wages weakened.

Steady Hands


Arms wielding weapons,

young soldier marches in pride.

Within, he trembles.

A Word of Advice

Politics? Caution!

With overwhelming support,

comes backstabbing.

If Hairs Be Wires


Made the girls jealous,

and the boys sway in madness

now, a wall hanger.

I came across this piece of handiwork on a trip to Kodaikanal. We drove along the famous Kodaikanal lake and saw that plenty of shops lined the streets. We walked into one, and there sat this piece of repurposed material. The hair was so black and so shiny, it made me jealous. I couldn’t leave without capturing it.