Photo of a pair of children’s sandals tied to a hanging plant from a balcony overlooking a lake.

Please take: baby shoes,
well loved, run through many parks;
plenty of life left.

Not man made

photo of a bridge's top, as seen from walking in it, with a cloudy sky against it

Gawking at the sky,
an engineering marvel—
sunlight between clouds.

National treasure

photo of a tall lemon scented gum tree slightly leaning to one side

Australia’s own
infamous leaning tower—
Lemon-scented gum


photo of a valley full of the garden weed, sorrel, with large native trees in the background

Colonised by weeds,
a country of native green,
stripped of its riches.

Enjoy the sun

photo of the sunset in the horizon and a single coconut tree standing tall with smalller houses around it

Single coconut,
staring at springtime sunsets,
dancing to the wind.