Uncanny Sight

It’s no big deal to see a full moon, round and glossy, and in all its glory.

However, it’s not often that you see the full moon—all decked up and shiny—in the wee hours of morning. What’s even rare, is to capture the moon off guard and off centre. Well, it all came together one January morning, and I’m glad I was awake.


Bird in a Tree


Walking in the park,

catching bird feet in a tree

misleading shadows.

I took this photo at the Vandalur nature reserve in Chennai. The timing was perfect. My friend and I were walking around for about three hours before sunset, and a tree became a shadow.

If Hairs Be Wires


Made the girls jealous,

and the boys sway in madness

now, a wall hanger.

I came across this piece of handiwork on a trip to Kodaikanal. We drove along the famous Kodaikanal lake and saw that plenty of shops lined the streets. We walked into one, and there sat this piece of repurposed material. The hair was so black and so shiny, it made me jealous. I couldn’t leave without capturing it.

Where There’s Passion


With his eyes focussed,

weaving precise strokes with care,

works graceful cobbler.

I found this cobbler making custom slippers in Pondicherry. He observed the leather between his fingers with such an intense focus, impervious even to the vehicles and people that rushed by his side.

A Coffee Date to Cherish

Nothing beats the streaming sun on a cold November morning, even before you’ve sipped your first cup of coffee. So it was in one if the most popular coffee houses in Pondicherry: The Lé Café.

There are fancier and pricier coffee shops in Pondy, but this one’s always close to my heart. It overlooks the beach, grandest attraction of Pondicherry. The ambience of the cafe is mesmerising, during the sunrises and the sunsets, in particular.

I was glad to be there, staring at the sun and sipping my Cortado.