A Sight for Sore Eyes

I had gone to Thekkady, Kerala, some months ago and among the fish and the rain, I also happened to experience a mountain so lush its named just that—the green mountain. It’s  called so because the mountain retains its greenery throughout the year. The forest on the mountain houses such tall trees that encapsulate clouds, and ensure the forest gets enough rainfall even in summer. So the mountain never sees a brown day, refreshing every visitor that comes its way.

green mountain in Thekkady



Basking on the glow,

and the splendour from atop,

sat the crow. A mute.

This is one of my oldest photographs. I stood on my terrace and happened to capture this crow trying to make up its mind whether to fly away or stay awhile. Perched on top of a pole, it looked as indecisive as I felt with my life.

Wishful Thinking

We weren’t difficult as kids, my brother and I. Perhaps that’s why I had never seen my mother praying or wishing for things were easier.

However, on a family trip to Kodaikkanal, we visited a century’s-old church, and to my surprise, my mother insisted we sit down for a while. And though we raised eyebrows, we waited while she spent a few minutes in silent rumination.

I never asked why or what she prayed for. Maybe she was tired being the tireless mom. Maybe she just wanted a moment to herself — away from all the noise and distractions of running a family.

Kodaikkanal church

Or maybe she wished her easy kids had grown up to be easy grown-ups too. I know we’re a pain now.

A Match Like None Other

There are plenty of things that go well together. Like pie and pecans. Like bread and butter, like chocolate and milk, or bagels and cream.

But no matter how many decadent things you put together, there’s one pair that beats them all: early mornings and coffee.

For me, sunrises are incomplete without a cup of my favourite nourishment. Sometimes it’s tea and many times it’s coffee. No matter which, an empty cup reflecting the morning sunshine fuels my soul while I bask in its warmth.


Uncanny Sight

It’s no big deal to see a full moon, round and glossy, and in all its glory.

However, it’s not often that you see the full moon—all decked up and shiny—in the wee hours of morning. What’s even rare, is to capture the moon off guard and off centre. Well, it all came together one January morning, and I’m glad I was awake.