One over the other 

When I think of layers, I think cold afternoons, coffee, and cookies. Layers always revolve around comfort and food. And no one combines them better than the Americans.


With bated breath

Waiting, for me, signifies expectation, anticipation, and the hope that something big is about to come my way. It’s the thrill of breathlessness and the unsettling uncertainty that makes waiting so much painful and yet pristine at the same time. There’s tension in the air and friction in the molecules all around us, and a mystery waiting to unfurl. That’s what I felt while walking down these Pleasanton suburbs. It was at around 7 am and not a cricket was astir. The entire place awaited the buzz of human existence.

In the distance, behind the shadows of these beautiful buildings stood a woman on her porch ready to scare away unwelcome trespassers. Perhaps I appeared too touristy to her, but she ignored my presence and glanced right through me—as if I wasn’t there. Oh, but I was, and I have this picture as a reminder.



Perfect structures and organised systems are beautiful. They look nice, and the emit an aura of perfection that anyone would aspire to achieve. As a person, however, I’m not too structured. I never could live in an organised manner. Having said that, though, I can appreciate the beauty of structure elsewhere. Like in this picture of Polish vodka bottle. I came across this in a Duty Free shop at the Dubai airport, and I couldn’t leave without being the obnoxious tourist who sneaks in a photo everywhere they turn to.


Round the corner

To me, street corners mean walking space. I love being on my feet, and I enjoy walking both as a way of commuting and as a way of spending my leisure. And if I happen to see beautiful trees and blossoming plants as I turn a corner, that’s all that it takes to make my day. It happened a couple of days ago, when I took a walk down the street in the early hours of the morning. It’s a foreign country and every where I turned to amazed me. Despite being jet lagged, it was the best walk I’d had in recent times. If only more streets had corners as pleasant as this.

round the corner.JPG

Stopping by the street

I take pride in my focus. When I’ve got work to do and know what I’m doing, I don’t get distracted much. Or at least until I notice a quirky sentence. Bill boards, advertisements, text messages—anything in an unconventional font or phrasing catches my attention in an instant. And I can’t help but drop all I’m doing to stare and capture that moment.

I took this particular photo in Pondicherry while my friend and I walked through well-paved roads, admiring the city. Pondicherry is an ancient French Colony, and so everything about it has a a vibrant and foreign flavour. Well, their name boards aren’t any different. Not only does this cake shop have a rather awkward name, but it also flaunts a font style you don’t often see on shop signs. (Although I admit the extra space before the exclamation point makes me uncomfortable.) That was my “Oh, shiny. I need to freeze this” moment.

Cake shop in Pondicherry