photo of widely spread tree brances and the sun shining through

Colours in water
as human roots, tree branches
spreading steadily

Beyond human eyes

close up photo of a fluffy white dandelion on a concrete step

Unnoticed fur balls 
polar bears in the Arctic
more dandelions

Saying goodbye to winter

closeup photo of a hole on the bark of a tree

Guttural visage
showing signs of wear and tear
defrosting souls spring

In time

a tree bark and branches without

Seasonal baldness,
cold spine, weak limbs, comes to all,
trees age gracefully.


close up photo of the inner springs of a heater
Inner workings of my heater. This is what happens when you’re locked down in winter.

Look deep within, see,
tiny springs bind us as one,
one breaks, we all do.

Apparently, Shakespeare wrote King Lear in lockdown. I can only write mediocre haiku. Stay safe, folks. đź––