a garden patch with about 15 strawberry bushes, three tomato plants, and a handful of tiny, barely visible spinach plants

From dirt they arise,
slicing years of hardened earth—
weeds in my garden.


photo of the full moon at night, with silhouettes of trees and roofs

Polar opposite—
counterbalancing solar,
lights up the night sky.


photo of a large leafless tree with its limbs leaning towards one side and clouds surrounding the tree's limbs against a blue sky

Robed in milky clouds,
her stretched limbs embracing life—
gumtree dances, still.

House hunting

photo of the St. Peters Cathedral in Adelaide, surrounded by lush trees
St. Peter’s Cathedral, Adelaide

A grand old building;
canopy of greenery
Jesus gets good homes.


photo taken from the jetty looking at the shore and an apartment building in the distance - Glenelg beach in Adelaide

A life by the beach
costs a fortune—paradise,
plastic infested.