photo of the hot morning sun, glowing from behind wide white clouds

Waiting to burst out:
a song in a nine-year-old,
sun behind the clouds.

Waiting for weekends

photo of a golden retreiver lying on the floor, looking sideways

Sprawled out on the floor,
gazing at the sky, in love,
Thursday afternoons.


photo of a blue box, resembling the TARDIS of Doctor Who, with the words Digital Story Box written on it, and a person looking in the opposide direction

Humans look away,
when the world gives us stories,
we seek shiny things.


photo of the O'Sullivan Beach as seen from the distance
O’Sullivan Beach, Adelaide

Seek serenity:
struggling through slippery slopes,
stepping into seas.


close up photo of the leaves of a cabbage that hasn't formed a head

Rogues in my garden—
cabbages that won’t form heads,
classroom rule breakers.