A future awaits

Photo of a bridge within the Cataract Gorge connecting to the Duck Reach power station, Launceston, Tasmania.
Bridge to the Duck Reach power station, Cataract Gorge, Launceston, Tasmania.

Bridging human worlds
connecting to the unknown
adventure dreamland


closeup photo of a yellow dandelion on a bed of brown grass

A yellow halo
defying a dead leaf bed
dandelion blooms


closeup photo of dark red flowers on a tree with bright green leaves

Darkness and lightness
bring out each other’s vibrance
watch and learn, human


Closeup photo of yellow flowers.

A burst of yellow
the first showers of summer
warmth to a cold heart


Photo of the Jerrabomberra lake with a metal plaque in front of it. The plaque has a poem about sunset and black swans.

A word of caution
sleeping poetics awake
sunset by the lake