photo of the sunset in the horizon, as seen from the front passenger seat of a car, while in traffic. There're vehicles ahead, all with headlights and indicators on.

With headlights blazing,
humans chase the horizon—
we drown the sunset.


close up photo of an acacia plant's leaves in the sun, glinting in multiple coloursglinting in multiple colours including yellow, a couple of shades of green, and a couple of shades of purple
An acacia plant

Swallowing the sun,
reflects the rainbow within—
flowering native.

New growth

photo of an old-looking tree with a big, new branch brancing off it and making its own branches

From sturdy old roots,
springs out a wandering branch—
like mother like child.


photo of a double rainbow across the horizon, over a group of trees and a house's roof

A character arc:
unusually wet spring—
double-rainbowed sky.


close up photo of a small white flower with about ten small petals, with more of the same flowers in the background

As shattered glassware,
breadcrumbs on the forest floor,
mushrooming flowers.