photo of paper bark trees by the Swan river, with dark clouds gathering above
Paperbark trees by the Swan river in Perth

Rolling clouds gather,
wind blowing leaves asunder—
paperbarks stand by.


Photo of a pair of children’s sandals tied to a hanging plant from a balcony overlooking a lake.

Please take: baby shoes,
well loved, run through many parks;
plenty of life left.

Not man made

photo of a bridge's top, as seen from walking in it, with a cloudy sky against it

Gawking at the sky,
an engineering marvel—
sunlight between clouds.

National treasure

photo of a tall lemon scented gum tree slightly leaning to one side

Australia’s own
infamous leaning tower—
Lemon-scented gum


photo of a valley full of the garden weed, sorrel, with large native trees in the background

Colonised by weeds,
a country of native green,
stripped of its riches.