A body of water surrounded by trees and greenery - Cotter dam, Canberra
Cotter Dam, outskirts of Canberra

Pool in a forest,
nestled within seclusion,
self-sustaining, life.

Worthy of a crown

Eucalyptus trees along a creek, Canberra

Royal family,
flaunting from their balcony;
trees on my bike path.

Hold your ground

Large and luscious tree along the bike path, Canberra

Protesting in peace,
against greedy land grabbers,
spreading love, strong roots.

Expand your palette

Summer sunlight reflecting on luscious trees on a bicycle path, Canberra

Green, blue, and yellow,
master painter’s shades of choice,
cherish, summer’s fall.

A sight to behold

sunlight peaking through the tree barks, Canberra

Angled forty five,
head tilts; Labrador gazes,
mesmerises sun.