Lighthouses on the Magnificient Mile, Chicago

Magnificent Mile, Chicago

Take what path you may

and a beacon guides your way

which, let your heart say




Lake Merrit, Oakland

Lake Merrit, Oakland

A vast blooming dale

sans awe, for all eyes elsewhere

sales on Bloomingdale’s



Lapping at the feet

loving sea, goes overhead

changing as the dog

– – – – –

Photo: Alki beach, Seattle


Laurie Garden, Millennium Park, Chicago

Laurie Garden, Millennium Park, Chicago

Falls may seem to choke

as rain from dying petals

yet life blooms again



Slice of history


Tribune Tower, Chicago

The past embedded

resurrects each memory

on walls and in minds

– – – – –

Good to know: The lower parts of the Tribune tower incorporate rocks and relics that Tribune correspondents had brought back from their travels. There’re pieces of the Berlin Wall, The Great Pyramid, Abraham Lincoln’s tomb, Westminster Abbey, Taj Mahal, Notre Dame de Paris, and much more.