silhouette of a tree and suburbian houses during sunset

Entwined with nature:
outline of humanity,
and yet, out of sync.


Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge as seen from the Royal Botanical Garden in Sydney
At 5:30 on a late-spring morning in Sydney, Australia

Ocean on the edge,
mere minutes before sunrise—
adrenaline rush.


photo of country roads as seen from an airplane's window, with the plane's wing visible
Somewhere over New South Wales, Australia

from an airplane point of view—
cracks in our planet.


photo of a jacaranda tree in full bloom with a few green leaves here and there
Jacaranda tree

Specks of greenery
spotted in a purple sea—
jacaranda blooms.


photo of the pinkish horizon of the setting sun, with two pink rose buds in the foreground

Late springtime sunset—
mimicking the horizon,
my pink roses blush.