photo of a baby shoe on the side of a bike path

Along the foot path,
teens huddle for a Tik Tok—
ghost of childhood lost.

Busy bees

blurry image of trees passing by as seen from inside a moving bus

Always on the go,
looking yet never seeing—
the human lifestyle.


clouds moving towards the sunset, Launceston, Tasmania

Chasing horizons,
sweeping across winter skies,
a little bird, cloud.

Decision pending

photo of a by the side of a fork in a road

Stands a wise old tree,
for passers by to notice—
waiting at crossroads.

Samesies, but not

closeup photo of a bottlebrush and a fern
Tailrace park, Launceston, Tasmania

So much difference
and yet so much in common—
life-giving plants, us.