Photo of a large spider, against a blue sky, hanging from its web, cast between two trees.

Hanging on for life,
a spider web between trees—
stationary fly.


photo of a tree with a twisted truck and several strong branches expanding from its centre

Big, twisted egos,
slashing down tree after tree;
all humanity.

Natural progression

close up photo of a white bottlebrush flower, partly in bloom
White bottlebrush

Fists tightly curled up,
babies unravel slowly—
bottlebrushes, too.


panaromic photo of a swamp cypress bonsai tree, with its name tag saying it was established in 1976

Bonsai shows restraint,
compacted in a small frame,
a complete life lived.


photo of the hot morning sun, glowing from behind wide white clouds

Waiting to burst out:
a song in a nine-year-old,
sun behind the clouds.