silhouette of a leafless tree by the lake, with the pink of sunrise in the horizon behind it

Dense forests are nice;
air teeming with earthiness—
so are solo trees.


morning sun shining through the branches of a large tree by a lake

Sun shines through branches,
raised arms of party goers—
nature’s disco lights.

Seize the day

close up photo of a pink rose and a closed rose bud in the same branch

When the young shut off
and shun the world, the mature
smile with open arms.


photo of the sun shiing through the hanging branches of a tree

As green curtains part
to a gentle autumn breeze,
the sun warms your soul.

Gum nut

closeup photo of the red gum flower on a gumtree surrounded by gum nuts and leaves
Kings Park and WA botanic garden

Flaunting a red skirt,
Cinderella of the trees—
eucalypt blossoms.