photo of an almond on a tree as taken from below, with the sun overhead

Soaking up the sun,
first almonds of the season,
stroll in the garden.

Work from home

Sunset as seen from a dark room, through the curtains of a window. Silhouettes of two chairs are visible close to the window.

Scenic home office;
sun sets beyond my window,
I return to work.


photo of a mug full of coffee in front of a glass window with a green garden view beyond

Rainy good mornings,
warm coffees, teary farmers
La Niña summers.


close up photo of a large pink rose against a cloudy sky

Joys of gardening:
rose by any other name,
would be as prickly.


close up photo of the flowers of a chandelier plant, also known as mother of millions
Chandelier plant, also known as mother of millions

Mother of millions,
overarching chandelier,
bows for the royal.