Photo of a one-eyed Labrador, sitting on the floor, her head turned and looking at the camera.

One-eyed Labrador
Aye! Give me some food, human—
pirate’s life for me.


Panoramic photo of a tall tree, it’s branches almost ashen white against deep bright green leaves.

Seeping into veins;
tree’s central nervous system,
tropical rain storm.


close up phot of a block cat with mustard-colours eyes looking sideways at the camera

Sheer indifference,
extreme passion, fierce hatred—
wordless, cats show all.


panaromic photo of a large fig tree, in Brisbane's botanic gardens

Grandstanding in style,
reclaiming territory—
fig tree sits smugly.


photo of a large tree by the beach, bent and growing sideways because of the ocean wind

Going with the flow,
bending to avoid breaking—
a tree that survives.