Needs and wants

She loved it so much that she didn’t think she’d survive without it. She always carried it around. Within months, it had become critical to her stance and existence. She now wondered how she had managed to live without it all along.

She watched her friend try it. It wasn’t the same. It never was on someone else. And yet, all of her friends insisted on borrowing her jacket. Wind cheater, jacket, sweater, overcoat—whatever she wanted, the blue coat transformed into. Except, she lived in South India and didn’t need a winter jacket made from wool and fur.




He had gone into another trance. All around him men, women, and even children gaped open mouthed at the great guru who could conjure the spirits at will. He seldom speaks living in seclusion, but has never failed to deliver promises.

If you trust in his powers, dedicate yourself to his practises, and donate your wealth to his organisation, he’d meditate, levitate, and then alleviate all of your life’s problems. His brochures and claims are too good to miss. For the last five years, he’d been persuading super beings to serve him. Before that, he served at the county prison.


Leaving the glass building, Daniel had had enough. After nine hours of working with people of varied heights and styles, he was drained of energy. He burned up in his leather suit and burned out at work. He needed a retreat.

Loosening his tie, he sat with his laptop and a bottle of wine. He hunted destinations far from the corporate porthole called life. Pinning a comfortable cottage in North Canada, he set off on his solo adventure.

Happy away from small talk, he spotted a solitary reaper in the lush Canadian valley.

He wondered, Should I chat with her?

The effect

Kevin squinted. Darkness engulfed him, encroaching his personal space. Gulping whiffs of wintery air, he peered within. Breathless, he expected something to stir — or for any indication of life beyond the damp and desolate doorframe.

“Hello?” he called out to no response.

Feeling a prickle of cold sweat run down his spine, Kevin realised his blunder. His arm hairs stood up in the breeze and he thought he should’ve stayed on the warm couch, instead. He’d gotten too involved, and it scared him. If she knew, his sister would forever tease him for wetting his pants reading a thriller novel.

It’s not what you say

As he walked onto stage, the gathering erupted in applause. He was the hero who’d save them from the hellish fate their previous leader had cast upon them.

He took it all in, aware of the exuberance he emitted and the effect his mere presence had on these fools.

Fools who believed his words, and swallowed his well-construced speeches without thought. He once again spoke about his plans to “expand the economy, and enrich the ecosystem.”

The crowed cheered him as their leader, unknowing he’d lead them to their destruction.

It wasn’t his ideas that swayed them, but his delivery.