Caffeine therapy

closeup photo of a cup of coffee with latte art

Bubbling to the top,
hot fury as frothy milk,
tamed by strong coffee.


Photo of a lush green valley with some fern trees in neat rows.
Grindelwald Village resort, Tasmania

Velvety green cake,
plump, piping ferns for toppings—
too nice to disturb.

Big is small

moon as seen over an old church

Giant silver orb,
a speck on the horizon,
perspective is all.


trees and bushes reflected on a lake, Tidbinbilla National park, Canberra
Tidbinbilla National park, Canberra

Two halves make a whole,
lesson in equality—
world shows, man ignores.

Sight to behold

strawberry bushes in the sunlight, Hillwood Berry Farm, Launceston, Tasmania
Hillwood Berry Farm, Launceston, Tasmania

Basking in sunshine,
showing off to greedy world—
strawberry bushes.