My brain on covid – day 0

6:45 pm: It’s only been there minutes. Can it really be accurate? 

6:46 pm: Should I wait the full 15 minutes or—?

6:47 pm: It’s already showed positive. That’s not going to change just because you wait longer.

6:48 pm: Are you sure, though?

6:55 pm: It’s positive. Just get on with it.

6:57 pm: But I don’t feel sick!

6:57 pm: A lot of people don’t, you dumb arse. Doesn’t mean you aren’t.

7:00 pm: Can I go for my run in the morning, though? I feel like the fresh morning air would help. 

7:00 pm: Don’t be an idiot!

7:01 pm: Fine. I’m going to bed. My head hurts.

7:02 pm: Should I read a book?

7:03 pm: Good luck.

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