panoramic photo of the ceiling of a glass dome, with a tree's overhanging canopy covering the right side of the image

An anomaly:
cutting through the symmetry,
tree outgrows buildings.

Whispering gums

Panoramic photo of a lemon scented gum against a blue sky dotted by clouds.

The neighbourhood watch;
as humankind passes by,
eucalypts whisper.


Photo of a white cat sleeping on the floor sideways, comfortably, his paws raised in mid air.

Every long day ends;
peace comes in various forms—
even as a cat.


Photo of a golden retriever sitting behind a locked wooden gate, waiting for its human to return home.

Humble guardian,
a fiercely protective dog—
parental instinct.


Photo of a large spider, against a blue sky, hanging from its web, cast between two trees.

Hanging on for life,
a spider web between trees—
stationary fly.