Love thyself

Graffiti on a bike path, Canberra
Graffiti on my regular bike path, Canberra

Daily reminder,
self care and wellness council—
bike path graffiti.

Happy place

Cotter dam, Canberra
Cotter dam, Canberra

Picture perfection,
worth more than a thousand words—
in nature at peace.


A bike on a scenic footpath, Canberra

A resting soldier,
along the footpaths of life,
collects memories.

Coming soon

First autumn leaves before the end of summer, Canberra
First sign of autumn

Natural storytellers,
luscious trees shed leaves;
foreshadowing fall.

Parting ways

blades of grass, Canberra

To each their own way,
birthed from the same mother ship—
rebel grass; children.