Love yo’self

Self-love training. Pfft.

Don’t they know forcing it only invokes hatred? Like mother did.

A few days ago, I came across a challenge—write a story about love in 14 words. Since half the world is celebrating Valentine’s Day today, thought I might post it here. What 14-word love stories can you come up with?

Cupcakes for sale at the Fort Lauderdale International Airport in Miami


Embedded unseen

as butter in a cupcake

are some traditions

Trinity Church as seen from near the Stock Exchange in Wall StreetTrinity Church as seen from near the Stock Exchange in Wall Street

Building on

A stack of storeys

building one upon other

unwitting child’s dreams

Football player kicks the ball - a stock image from Unsplash

Kicking around

From one to another
passing from hand to hand
an ideal that's oh so shiny
that everyone wants to see
to hold, caress, inflict upon
opinions and convictions
with the dirt in their feet
making a plaything of reality
leaving their mark on it
before passing to another
spreading it as wildfire
to fellow playmates—shrewd
and dirt-smeared as they
a game of shameless soccer
politics—dividing the world
Image source: Unsplash
Staten Island ferry ride, New York City


Stuffed to the brim, drenched

the sailing folk, like canned beans,

sprawling seeing land