Somewhere above Australia


Clouding the vision

as a view from the airplane

the craving for love


The seeker

Running up the mountain
and dashing into caves
chasing the darkness
only to lose the light
out of breath and bread
still reaching no where
struggles mighty warrior
finding no outlet for suffering
turns soldier inward instead
to pause, to think, to reflect
finds master, life’s meaning

A flame in a clay lamp


Defiant is she

against the odds and the blows

a flame in the wind

Mind voice

Evacuate! Evacuate! Evacuate!

The pilot thought.

Like parents, like children

Alone lived the ancient woman
home full of assets, life desolate
away the children have gone
following their hearts upstate
stayed on as the mother she did
preying on backyard vegetation
and only praying for resolution
never came visiting the offsprings
not the older, or even the younger
unknown she was to their children
who heard tales of grandparents
telling stories, and tucking in bed
their classmates at the play school
who could only yearn for the love
the touch, the chocolate cookies
of a loving, nurturing grandma
who grew up without them all
only to raise their children same