New growth

photo of an old-looking tree with a big, new branch brancing off it and making its own branches

From sturdy old roots,
springs out a wandering branch—
like mother like child.


photo of the ocean as seen from the window seat of an airplane. The sunlight is glinting on the surface of the ocean, making it shimmer like silver.

How we haven’t stripped them:
silvery miles of ocean—
it’s a miracle.


panoramic photo of a large tree in the middle of a walking track in a na

If I’m in their way—
giant trees, unlike humans,
let me pass in peace.


photo of a tall tree trunk, with little hair-like branches growing on it

Standing on the edge,
against cold-hearted humans,
hairs on a tree stump.


photo of a tree with a twisted truck and branches

Stand impressively:
ancient survival instincts—
lean and ripped tree trunk.