photo of the backwaters of the Queanbeyan river, surrounded by lush trees and bushes

Silent backwaters,
far away from humanness—
stench of plastic waste.


photo of a black board with the words "what's your why?" in big letters, with various reasons scrawled around them.

We’d do anything
for the world to hear and love
stories of our life


closeup photo of carving on the railing of a bridge, reading "bambi"

Keen to leave a mark,
we chip away at wholeness—
our world falls apart


closeup photo of a bench on the railway station, with the station's name, Queanbeyan, written on the bench

An eternal wait
life is like public transport
on Sunday evenings


photo of the Queanbeyan river surrounded by lush trees
Queanbeyan river

A silent sleeper—
water, angered, grim reaper—
ask 2004