a view of the ocean on a sunny day
Tamar Island, Launceston, Tasmania

A world of glitter,
opening eyes, horizons—
more precious than gold.


close up photo of a spiky plant

Rough edges, grim chasms—
existence is imperfect,
be out, believing.

Growing up

sunlight streaming from behind dense trees, a park Launceston, Tasmania
Launceston, Tasmania

Peek-a-boo plays sun,
shunting doubtful clouds aside,
bright new day at work.

Warm glow

Photo of a snakeskin discarded by the side of a wooden walkway over the Tamar river

Summertime basking,
slithering along the edge—
sweat beads on eyebrows.


A string musical instument made of leather on display at the Queen Victoria Museum and Gallery in Launceston, Tasmania - the instument's shadows are visible on the wall behind it
Queen Victoria Museum and Gallery, Launceston, Tasmania

lingering between cobwebs—
shadows of the past.