Airport thoughts

As fades in slow motion
light of the evening sky
darkness falls in earnest
shrouding peering relations
those waving from the outside
while bright lights come on inside
turned on to illuminate the chaos
that’s reigning within these chambers
echoing voices of the eager travellers
electronically tones magnified ring
urging all to avoid the rush hour
guiding the misguided first timers
and wailing all along, for attention
of the juniors in high-energy mode
rising just as the world falls asleep
is an airport in a scattered time zone


Is a song

This way or that
all ways are right
as fluid as gender
not rigid as religion
both lengthy and short
some symmetric and not
home to the iambs and i ams
tolerant of unknown licenses
inclusive of worldly cultures
comments sensible or otherwise
the backbone of every tradition
is a song, a poem, a hearty welcome

Fate of the unprepared

The worst in many years
it’s biting and it’s chilling
heartless coldness unfearing
creeping through the darkness
peeping in half-open wardrobes
combing a way through, unabashed
thrusting itself upon the air
and pricking at my wiggly toes
cutting through cotton clothes
and laughing at the unprepared
comes winter in autumn’s wake

Somewhere above Australia


Clouding the vision

as a view from the airplane

the craving for love

The seeker

Running up the mountain
and dashing into caves
chasing the darkness
only to lose the light
out of breath and bread
still reaching no where
struggles mighty warrior
finding no outlet for suffering
turns soldier inward instead
to pause, to think, to reflect
finds master, life’s meaning