Lakeshore Park, Austin, Texas
Lakeshore Park, Austin, Texas

As water, deep thoughts

the secret to clarity

always reflecting

Santa Monica Pier, California


Mother’s love for child

Ceaseless and repetitive

As lapping sea waves

— — —

Photo: Santa Monica Pier, California

Slide Mantra, Bayfront Park, Miami


Happy, sad, angry

repeat to realise it

what life is for you 

— — —

Photo: Slide Mantra, a monument in the Bayfront Park in Miami. Made by American sculptor Isamu Noguchi for the Venice Biennale in 1986. The marble sculpture was installed in Miami in 1991 and remained intact until 2005 when Hurricane Wilma damaged it. It has since been resorted.

Metromover railway track in downtown Miami


All straight paths heading

unperturbed, ever boring

as life is a train

— — —

Miami has a free public transit system called the Metromover. Although a slow mode of transport, hundreds of locals take the Metromover across the city every day. Each car/coach can accommodate about 30 people and it has no seats. Almost all Metromovers I saw had only 2 cars, but there were a few single ones as well.


Chairs lined up, Texas State Capitol, Austin
Chairs lined up, Texas State Capitol, Austin

Leaders in Houses

and weepers in hospitals

unbiased, the chair