Magical solution

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Elixirs on shelves

make me sociable — they say

None, as ground coffee.

Fine Dining

“Don’t be silly!” he lashed at Mary—in their sixth argument in two months.

Dave had just washed down a triple cheese burger with a large Coke. Mary, however, had imagined wine and scampi for their anniversary dinner. But when he showed up carrying a takeout meal, she couldn’t help but cry. “You’re a selfish jerk, Dave!” She had yelled.

They fumed in silence for half hour. Before he left, “We’ll go out tomorrow,” Dave promised stroking her hair.

Exhausted, Mary retired. She turned to her bed and noticed purple roses with a note, “Scampi is fine, but you’re finer.”

Life Without Meaning

Jason trudged home alone, head low, hands in his pockets. No one wondered where he was or where he went.

He wished he was slender as the others. Perhaps then he could match their pace as they paced in line. He was the biggest and oldest of fifteen children, and his parents hosted hundreds of relatives, seldom noticing his absence.

It was yet another of those days, and they had found sweet merriment without him. He went into his room and shut the door. He hated his existence. He wished he had been born human; being an ant seemed meaningless.

Change Agent

Reformer at heart

with kids and tuition dues—

lo! Inertia.

A Sight for Sore Eyes

I had gone to Thekkady, Kerala, some months ago and among the fish and the rain, I also happened to experience a mountain so lush its named just that—the green mountain. It’s  called so because the mountain retains its greenery throughout the year. The forest on the mountain houses such tall trees that encapsulate clouds, and ensure the forest gets enough rainfall even in summer. So the mountain never sees a brown day, refreshing every visitor that comes its way.

green mountain in Thekkady