a single eucalypt tree standing against a blue sky, Canberra

Battling with the blues,
fifty shades of greenery;
therapist, nature.


raindrops on a plum tree, Canberra

Life’s hidden treasures,
little moments on sidewalks;
rain drops on fruit trees.

Work-life balance

Trees and bushes reflected on the surface of the Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra
Lake Burley Griffin, Canberra

World weighs on her head,
sea of duty drags her down;
the calm lake, mother.

The living

Old tree with greenish-gray leaves, Canberra

As great old Nana,
flaunting bushy bulging hair,
trees live their best life.

Tree’s advice

A leaf-less tree surrpounded by other types of trees, Canberra

Though standing alone
surrounded by lusciousness,
stay weird and happy.