Not long now

autumn leaves - red on the edges and yellow on the middle

Autumn leaves blushing,
as a mango—almost ripe—
season’s beginning.

All in good time

Autumn leaves on a tree, half of them red and the other half still green

Conversing with trees,
the earth’s body clock rotates;
timely conversions.

All guns blazing

autumn sunset colour streaks across the sky, looking like a shooting star

Like a shooting star
primed for destination earth,
lights up the sky, sun.


orange clouds in the sky during sunset, with dark trees in the background

Sweeping through the skies,
ushering in the darkness,
autumn clouds converge.

And then there was light

poetry posters on a black wall with the sunlight reflect on them creating a rainbow effect

A rainbow of life,
raining light upon mortals:
poetic city.

As part of the Poetic City festival in Canberra, we had a workshop of poetry-poster making and pasting up on a prominent wall in the heart of the city. The perfect act of rebellion—completely legal, of course.