photo of the city sprawled out below, as seen from the window seat of a plane, with the wing visible outside

pests—rabbit populations—
sprawled humanity.


Photo of the view through an airplant window just above the wing. Low clouds moving in the direction of travel.

Raking in dark clouds,
rounding up its minions,
thunder rolls around.


Photo of the sunset as seen though the window seat of an airplane.

Fare thee well, my sun,
hush now, rest your weary head,
the morning will wait.


Photo of the sun rising above the clouds, as seen through the window of an airplane.

I stand as witness:
sun rises before sunrise,
airplane awareness.


A group of tall gum trees in the morning. The sun’s first rays shine on the top half of the trees.

Early morning gums,
sunshine’s kiss on their foreheads,
cherry on ice cream.