Desert time

photo of dark clouds over a sandy coast

Vaguely-cloaked, darkness,
chases sandy mirages
carries rain away.

Hi there!

photo of a tree with bright yellow leaves
It’s an autumn tree, but reminds me of spring. Go figure.

Blooming dale, valley
sprawling with smiling faces,
spring arrives in style.


photo of ferns in a lawn

The just-woke up look
curious hair poking out
fresh ferns in spring breeze.

Elite retreat

Photo of an artificial lake with water plants with a view of fern trees and holiday cottages in the distance. As seen from a golf course within the resort. Grindelwald Village, Tasmania
A holiday resort in Grindelwald Village, Tasmania

Idyllic photos,
holiday in the resort;
far from natural.

Rebel artist

Macquarie House in Launceston, Tasmania
Macquarie House, Launceston, Tasmania

Modern architect
colouring outside the lines—
quirky old buildings.