A Sight for Sore Eyes

I had gone to Thekkady, Kerala, some months ago and among the fish and the rain, I also happened to experience a mountain so lush its named just that—the green mountain. It’s  called so because the mountain retains its greenery throughout the year. The forest on the mountain houses such tall trees that encapsulate clouds, and ensure the forest gets enough rainfall even in summer. So the mountain never sees a brown day, refreshing every visitor that comes its way.

green mountain in Thekkady

Wishful Thinking

We weren’t difficult as kids, my brother and I. Perhaps that’s why I had never seen my mother praying or wishing for things were easier.

However, on a family trip to Kodaikkanal, we visited a century’s-old church, and to my surprise, my mother insisted we sit down for a while. And though we raised eyebrows, we waited while she spent a few minutes in silent rumination.

I never asked why or what she prayed for. Maybe she was tired being the tireless mom. Maybe she just wanted a moment to herself — away from all the noise and distractions of running a family.

Kodaikkanal church

Or maybe she wished her easy kids had grown up to be easy grown-ups too. I know we’re a pain now.

Bird in a Tree


Walking in the park,

catching bird feet in a tree

misleading shadows.

I took this photo at the Vandalur nature reserve in Chennai. The timing was perfect. My friend and I were walking around for about three hours before sunset, and a tree became a shadow.

If Hairs Be Wires


Made the girls jealous,

and the boys sway in madness

now, a wall hanger.

I came across this piece of handiwork on a trip to Kodaikanal. We drove along the famous Kodaikanal lake and saw that plenty of shops lined the streets. We walked into one, and there sat this piece of repurposed material. The hair was so black and so shiny, it made me jealous. I couldn’t leave without capturing it.

Some Life

Rings, weddings, parties,

invites on a vacant desk;

the hills lured her more.