Royal Botanical Gardens, Melbourne, Victoria

Sticking out oddly,
personifying weirdness.
It’s nature’s intent.

Photo: Royal Botanical Gardens, Melbourne, Victoria

Go on

Manimutharu dam, South India
Manimutharu dam, South India

Look forward my friend

for the cost of looking back,

mesmerising views

Little things

Müeller Park, Ausin, Texas
Müeller Park, Austin

Trivial for some

wayside, unworthy of note

the world for someone

The unusual

It’s not uncommon to see thousands of aircrafts at an airport. It is however, quite unusual when these aircrafts are inside, rather than outside. An interesting sight at the SeaTac International Airport, this aircraft hovered about, as if ready for take off. It’s a beautiful work of craft, outlining precise details of an airplane. If you’re ever in the building, I’d recommend you check it out.


A walker’s haven

I always appreciate a good walk. And that’s why I can’t get it out of my head how accommodating the streets of Portland, Seattle, and Oakland were to the pedestrian. I love big broad walks and I cannot lie.

This was at the Oakland Civic Centre.

Oakland Civic Centre