Uncanny parallels

a bud in a public garden bed, Launceston, Tasmania

Vulnerable bud—
exposed in a garden bed—
a heart locked away.


photo of the Low Head lighthouse in Tasmania
Low Head lighthouse, Tasmania

Sky-bearing light house,

guiding wayward souls homeward;

motherly almost.


photo of the ocean and some of the green lawn by the shore - George Town, Tasmania
George Town, Tasmania

Beyond basic blues,
sustained shades of sheer soundness,
lapping by my feet.

Timely visitor

a photo that shook before it was properly captured, resulting in streaks of light against a dark sky

A picture shaken,
neon streaks across the sky—
ageing hands concede.

Grab that horizon

photo of the Duck Reach Power Station suspension bridge, taken from below the arch at the start of the bridge
Suspension bridge leading to the Duck Reach Power Station, Launceston, Tasmania

Just a step away—
alluring greener pastures:
adventure of life.