view of the ocean in the distance and grassy path closeby with white clouds gathering overhead

Chasing their own tails,
bounding onto luscious fields,
ocean’s athletes, clouds.

Warm glow

Photo of a snakeskin discarded by the side of a wooden walkway over the Tamar river

Summertime basking,
slithering along the edge—
sweat beads on eyebrows.


A string musical instument made of leather on display at the Queen Victoria Museum and Gallery in Launceston, Tasmania - the instument's shadows are visible on the wall behind it
Queen Victoria Museum and Gallery, Launceston, Tasmania

lingering between cobwebs—
shadows of the past.


Photo of an upward hill road in Launceston, Tasmania
Imagine walking up three hills like this to get home every day.

Life’s uphill battle:
moving only by inches,
racing to find peace.


A full rack of clothes in an op-shop.
My favourite op-shop in Canberra: Green Shed

Lifetime of stories,
tucked away in every fold,
op-shop memories.