Give me a break!

around the room
from one end to another
a mindless show of spinning
like a hunter chasing rabbits
a child its dreams
as a runner on a winter morn
out of breath 
rasping for air
for a pause—
from the cold chase
gosh, what a wild goose

shoved around for fun
serving bullies all along
a plaything for the kids
to get ‘em off the parents
who pine for a quiet night

this way and that
unclear what’s what
blindly running
a duty of the distraction
that’s done, only ends
when the game’s over
or footballers tire
Bondi Beach, Sydney

Ocean view

face showering smiles
sending joy for all to share
nature does with waves

So long

shedding skin


searching summer 


A new experiment today. Think it works?

Trees without leaves - Canberra

Show off

twisted limbs
pose for a flash
in forest showers

Winter trees - Canberra

Singing along

bobbing head
to whistling wind
last leaf