A sight to behold

sunlight peaking through the tree barks, Canberra

Angled forty five,
head tilts; Labrador gazes,
mesmerises sun.

I see you

a pair of purple swamphens, one looking directly at the camera, Canberra
Purple swamphens by the Lake Ginninderra, Canberra

Moving gingerly,
as predator towards prey,
worm eater locks eyes.


a single eucalypt tree standing against a blue sky, Canberra

Battling with the blues,
fifty shades of greenery;
therapist, nature.


raindrops on a plum tree, Canberra

Life’s hidden treasures,
little moments on sidewalks;
rain drops on fruit trees.


As school marching band,
shaven sides, prim and proper;
municipal trees.