Photo of the shadow of a palm tree and a lifeguard's post on the beach

Striking monuments,
between light and the ocean;
palm trees and lifeguards.


photo of a person standing on the beach, looking out at the sea

Soaking up the sea,
in the silence of absence;
loudness of the mind.


photo of the pink sky at sunrise, with tropical palm trees in the foreground
Rainbow Bay, Queensland, Australia

Stretching their arms out,
waking up to a pink sky,
sea creatures arise.


Photo of the sun rising above the lifeguard watch tower by the beach.

Up above the sea,
casting eyes at the surfers,
the sun, a lifeguard.


Photo of a dead fish by the beach, a deep hole in its midriff.

Fish out of water,
blow above the abdomen;
the first time we met.