close up photo of an oil painting of two fish in the ocean

Today’s meagre catch:
two salmon, their eyes so wide
at their plastic home.

Holding space

Aboriginal art projected on the facade of The Art Gallery of South Australia for the annual lights festival, Illuminate Adelaide

Giving heart to art,
gallery of the nation,
bears art in its heart.

Magnum opus

photo of a square framed kaleidoscopic artwork with bright colours

sheer master stroke of vibrance—
mind of an artist.

Stay in touch

photo of a light post, next to a pedestrian crossing, with the words "we belong" in calligraphy

Walking the world, heart,
remember to stay grounded—
we belong to earth.


photo of a piece of art made from found objects. The art resebles a facial structure, featuring huge eyes made of bottle lids and a nose made of dried tree parts and rope.

Oh, the things we’ll see,
when we see things around us—
if only we saw