photo of a large-scale piece of art. It's a collage of various pieces of colour, with big bold text in it reading, Australian art does not exist. Each word in that setence is depicted in a different font, illustrating the any cultures that fuse to make Australian art.
Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane

Unique is a farce—
many melding together,
a patchwork culture.


clsoe up photo of a flower of a lacebark tree

Confident brushstrokes,
wise use of vibrant colours—
natural artist.


photo of scattered clouds against a blue sky

Splatter of colours,
cacophony on canvas—
cloudy summer’s day.


Photo of an artwork by Shamsia Hassani. Art shows an Afghan woman holding a bunch of dandelions behind her back while a war tank rolls on in front of her.
Art by Shamsia Hassani, an Afghan graffiti artist. Artwork commission for OzAsia festival in Adelaide, 2022

Shelling left and right,
corroded metallic smoke—
my flowers wither.

See more of Hassan’s work on her Instagram profile.

Magnum opus

photo of a square framed kaleidoscopic artwork with bright colours

sheer master stroke of vibrance—
mind of an artist.