Trees of life

a small cyprus tree next to a much taller one, Capital Hill in Canberra

A shadowed cyprus
sheltered between its role models;
stunted middle child.


a single eucalypt tree standing against a blue sky, Canberra

Battling with the blues,
fifty shades of greenery;
therapist, nature.


raindrops on a plum tree, Canberra

Life’s hidden treasures,
little moments on sidewalks;
rain drops on fruit trees.


As school marching band,
shaven sides, prim and proper;
municipal trees.

Great teacher

Trees in a park, with a sign bthat reads, Trees are great at social distancing, Haig Park, Canberra
Haig Park, Canberra

Spread comfort and joy;
grab a leaf from nature’s book—
lessons to live by.