mobile screenshot of an in-flight map of Australia, showing an aircraft heading towards Melbourne

Entire human worlds,
caught up in a mobile screen—
post-internet plague.


photo of a tree with the setting sun shining through its bark and branches

Step out and breath in—
one of these days you’ll see it:
cockatoos don’t care.


photo of a ship's anchor from the 19th century, by a river in Adelaide
Trotman’s anchor (late 19th century), salvaged off the Glenelg Foreshore by the South Australian dept. of marine and harbours.

Hold on big fella—
life’s messy, salty, smelly
your mates have your back

Or not to be

closeup photo of young leaves sprouting out of a broken tree branch

Defying all odds
broken bones and shrivelled skin—
life finds ways to be


photo of a tree with its branches curved upwards, like a palm holding something

Arthritic fingers
shouldering the world’s burden—
ageing mother, earth.