photo of the shadow of the photographer on sea waves close to the shore

Waves don’t wash away,
all that lingers in my mind,
a shadow of doubt.

Thing of beauty

photo of a still beach from afar
Sellicks beach, Adelaide

A face unblemished,
not even a pimple prick—
perfect model: beach.


close up photo of a rock on a beach, with coloured stripes on it
Random rock on O’Sullivan’s beach, Adelaide

A fashion statement—
stripes in contrasting colours,
catwalk of beach rocks.


photo of the rocky shoreline of O'Sullivan Beach in Adelaide
O’Sullivan Beach, Adelaide

A wandering soul
must have a beach of her own,
if she is to rest.

Small problem

the ocean on a overcast day with a family making sandcastles in the distance
Largs Bay, Adelaide

We’re just tiny specks,
a world of ocean around—
crow shit in windscreen.