Photo of a path of luscious pine trees in the middle of a large area of sand by the beach.

Patch of greenery
in expansive sandy bay;
coffee on cold days.


Photo of the sun reflecting on the ocean, creating a glinting surface.

Smiling at the world,
sun sits over the ocean;
diamonds on water.


close up photo of a red flower on a cliff in Currumbin beach on the Gold Coast

With sand on its face,
ocean breeze fading petals,
flower on sea cliff.


Photo of a bunch of daisies on a cliff edge at Currumbin beach, Queensland.

Daisies by the beach;
a hello and a goodbye—
remembering you.


photo of the shadow of the photographer on sea waves close to the shore

Waves don’t wash away,
all that lingers in my mind,
a shadow of doubt.