All the world’s a stage

Zorba dancers, National Multicultural Festival, Canberra​
Zorba dancers, National Multicultural Festival, Canberra

Hop jump and step up,

shoulder to shoulder we move—

as dancers, soldiers.

It comes to us all

Winter sunset in Canberra
Winter sunset, Canberra

Shedding vanity,
marking the passing of time—
winter skeletons.


Volunteer photographer at the National Multicultural Festival, Canberra 2020
Volunteer photographer, National Multicultural Festival, Canberra, 2020

Photo bug sees all,
seizes opportunity—
spider in waiting

The rising

Rise of the full moon, Canberra
Rise of a full moon, Canberra

At first light of dark,
as waning sun creeping low,
come the moon chasers.

Photo: My friend, Janet Martin, who blogs as Wandering Feet.

So changeable

Winter sunset in Canberra

five hundred shades of surprise—
nature, as humans.