Autumn in Canberra, Australia

It’s a phase

As toddler eating

autumn, autumn everywhere

dropping leaves and jaws

Photo: Autumn in Canberra, Australia
Somewhere above Canberra, Australia

Welcome home

A ray of sunshine

streaming through the drooping eyes

for home coming champ

Photo: Somewhere above Canberra, Australia.

Fate of the unprepared

The worst in many years
it’s biting and it’s chilling
heartless coldness unfearing
creeping through the darkness
peeping in half-open wardrobes
combing a way through, unabashed
thrusting itself upon the air
and pricking at my wiggly toes
cutting through cotton clothes
and laughing at the unprepared
comes winter in autumn’s wake

Canberra skies

Sky watch

Many a white patch

a sign of vitality

in afternoon skies

Canberra in the beginning of fall


Weathered through the days

wilting as burning phoenix

fall feathers, revive

Photo: Canberra in fall