It’s a sign!

image of dew on grass and a dandelion, Canberra

Earth, frozen in time
packs a crunch under my feet,
winter is coming.

Teenage earth

image of a large, red mushroom in Haig Park, Canberra

Beautiful pimples,
breaking out from the earth’s crust—
dry weather symptoms.


image of an autumn tree, with a branch broken and on the ground

As gust against waves,
ever-changing autumn leaves,
sweep you off your feet.

Timely visitor

a photo that shook before it was properly captured, resulting in streaks of light against a dark sky

A picture shaken,
neon streaks across the sky—
ageing hands concede.

Watch in awe

photo of a sidewalk lined with reddish-orange autumn trees

Lie down and look up,
canopy of burgundy;
a bedding of leaves.