photo of a baby shoe on the side of a bike path

Along the foot path,
teens huddle for a Tik Tok—
ghost of childhood lost.

Spring vibes

Trees along a footpath, Canberra

All in single file—
waving arms excitedly,
spring trees; preschoolers.


The Royal Botanical Gardens, Sydney
The Royal Botanical Gardens, Sydney

In your face, darling
buds, often overwhelming,
nature, as toddlers.

Innocent bystanders

Canberra suburbs on a winter afternoon
Canberra suburbs

Fresh, uncorrupted,
and bubbling with energy—
nature; toddler’s mind.


The over-achieving boy genius became the Nobel-winning scientist who demystified the universe. All thanks to his mental clarity, courtesy of the psychiatrist who compensated for a lost childhood.

This is my entry for day 26 of the Writers Victoria Flash Fiction competition. Today’s prompt: clarity.