Spring vibes

Trees along a footpath, Canberra

All in single file—
waving arms excitedly,
spring trees; preschoolers.


The Royal Botanical Gardens, Sydney
The Royal Botanical Gardens, Sydney

In your face, darling
buds, often overwhelming,
nature, as toddlers.

Innocent bystanders

Canberra suburbs on a winter afternoon
Canberra suburbs

Fresh, uncorrupted,
and bubbling with energy—
nature; toddler’s mind.


The over-achieving boy genius became the Nobel-winning scientist who demystified the universe. All thanks to his mental clarity, courtesy of the psychiatrist who compensated for a lost childhood.

This is my entry for day 26 of the Writers Victoria Flash Fiction competition. Today’s prompt: clarity.


Radiating confidence 
of teen-girl rebel
rattled by mother
rummaging her things,
defiantly stares 
the young ‘un.

Eyes bulge, carefree,
dripping blueness
all over
father’s shoulder.
Against pink shirt
cotton bud cheeks 
plump up
as lazy lashes 
in slow motion 
as instant replay. 

liquid stardust
pixie magic
spayed on words
babbles baby.