All in a drink

It was as if un-roasted, coarsely-ground peppercorns clawed down his throat.


The future father-in-law’s gold-rimmed eyes popped, seeking weakness. Schadenfreude.

“Wow, intense shiraz!”

This is my entry for day 3 of the Writers Victoria Flash Fiction 2020 competition. Today’s prompt: intense. Learn more on their website or on Twitter.


Mania and depression met at a party. It was love at first sight—but soon enough, one realised that the other had got it by the eyeballs.

This is my entry for the Writers Victoria Flash Fiction 2020 contest run by Writers Victoria. Every day throughout April, they’ll publish a prompt on their website and Twitter handle. The competition is to come up with a flash fiction incorporating the prompt in 30 words or fewer. Interested? Check it out!


Metromovers in downtown Miami

For high position

battling as athletes, towers

rising neck and neck 

It was war

“Do you have all the bullets? We can’t afford to lose again. We have to make this our best effort yet.”

Mark was pacing as he always did before the final face off.

And as always, Karl was there to assure him. “Don’t worry, I’ve got them all.”

“Good,” Mark replied, punching his right fist into his left palm, “those imbeciles won’t know what hit them!”

Mark had always been too competitive for his own good. But even his partner, Karl, knew this was a pivotal point in their lives. If they win, they’d become the senior school debating champions.


“Gosh, look at the height of that thing. Looks like the twelve years of practice was for nothing. You’ll never make it.”

“I don’t think I’ll mess up.”

“Are you crazy? You’ll embarrass the whole country if you break down at the last minute. Oh, imagine the horror. Tell them you’re feeling sick. They can’t blame you—the fish was horrible last night.”

When her name rang through the loud speaker, Vanessa approached the pool with jelly legs. Before she knew it, she was poised for her Olympics qualifier.

At the whistle, she dove.

Astonished, her inner voice never surfaced.