Photo of an undated grave with the name, Strange, in bold letters.

A war had ended,
yet more battles they did brew—
each year marked by deaths.


close up photo of decaying daisies in the bush with fresh daisies around it

Destroying itself,
feeds the next generation—
a week-old flower.


photo of the gravestone of a 76 year-old man with a plastic toy gun lying on it

Uncanny couple:
an old man and a toy gun—
may they rest in peace.


a grave enclosed in metal railings, part of which is broken and scattered in the ground nearby
Cemetery, Melrose, South Australia

Crumbled bones, grave sites,
enduring the test of time—
tell stories of gore.

Full circle

photo of dead flowers on the ground along with one fresh flower

Trees cleansing themselves
shed dead skin and dry blossoms
retrieve life through death.