Memories past

The day dawned bright 

On the east there was light 

Whilst the west, still shrouded

Wintry mist on streets crowded

awaited with breath bated—nigh

For their sun to tear through the sky

Why today, wondering she had to clench

End precious life, god heartless wretch

Clutching a sorrow note from a friend

Message of death, never can mend

from the west to all the way east

had travelled wretched beast

As the world was between years

Our lives were between worlds

Farewell old times, my friend


Medical terms

“Well, the severity of chemotherapy varies from person to person. For some its a seven-course treatment, and for some, it’s just one. And who’s to say, sometimes neither survives longer than a few months. In any case, Mom, it’s difficult to generalise the effects of chemo.”

As Dr. Castro spoke, his mother cast him a look of love and distain. Candid though he was about his own disease, his impassiveness pained her.

Driving away, Dr. Castro let a single tear fall from behind the mask he’d worn all day. After all, he’d never see his daughter dress up for prom.

With death comes calm

Rediscovering the greatest moments of my visit to the US, I came upon this week’s photo challenge: serene. Not only was my entire trip a soul-satisfying experience, but it was also full of positive energy that revitalised me from within. Every day that I set out to explore the city on my own, I found calm all around me. Although it was an official trip, my weekend getaways were worthy of a holiday.

This photo was at the National AIDS Memorial Grove inside the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. This grove sat hidden in plain sight, a tribute to all lives lost aid-less, because of AIDS. As soon as I entered, an aura of serene beauty and supreme sadness engulfed me. I couldn’t identify the reason or the source, but seeing the memorial, the flowers, and the words of love left me overwhelmed.

National AIDS Memorial Grove, Golden Gate Park


So eager to serve

a soldier of meagre fear—

such a neophyte.

A parting gift


When the old man died

with sympathy arrived friends

with symphony son