photo of the words 'kill yu' scratched onto the surface of a pink wall

Deep seething anger,
seeping through peeling old walls—
unhappy households.

Tree of life

Against all the odds;
blueness as vast as the sky,
life endures alone.


He branched desperate

as roots of a tree, reaching

clinging to someone

The High-School Effect

Jessica was the soul of a party. She’d hand out drinks, pick up empty paper cups, and would roared at Michael’s silly jokes.

At school, she’d strut around with friends, bullying juniors and tormenting the school cat.
But everyone loved her. Though she had joined in the middle of term, her classmates were quick to accept her. Tall and slender, and a shoulder-haired brunette, she was attractive and aloof — the perfect high-school heartthrob.

But each night facing her mirror, Jessica couldn’t accept her change. At least they liked her, she assured herself, unlike in the previous school.

Need for Change


“But everything would change the moment you say ‘I do,’” Becky pleaded with her sister. “Are you sure you’re ready for that?”

Belinda turned away from the mirror she had been admiring, to face her sister. She was tired, tired of waiting for the dust to settle down, tired of waiting for the one person who’d show her happiness again. Because despite fantasising much, Belinda knew she’d never be happy while she clung to her past, wallowing alone in the hallow house that her teenage daughter had hung herself in.

Belinda needed out, and Richard had a shiny green card.