photo of a jacaranda tree in full bloom with a few green leaves here and there
Jacaranda tree

Specks of greenery
spotted in a purple sea—
jacaranda blooms.


close up photo of a pink hibiscus flower after the rain, with raindrops on its surface

Flaunting plump raindrops,
proudly across a pink face,
pimply hibiscus.


close up photo of a pink rose with the deep blue-pink of the sunset in the background

Swallowing the sun,
the night creeps over our homes,
a new rose blushes.


close up photo of decaying daisies in the bush with fresh daisies around it

Destroying itself,
feeds the next generation—
a week-old flower.


close up photo of a rose with the sun setting in the horizon behind it.

Hat tip for the sun,
welcoming wave to the moon—
roses in the breeze.