Step up

Samba band player at a bushfire fundraiser event, Canberra
Samba band player at a bushfire fundraiser event, Canberra

Laugh, dance, be silly,
for expression is freedom
and music, an aide.


I have to go.

There’s no reason—
or one to stay for.

There’s no sense—
or sensibility anymore.

There’s no pride—
only prejudice reigns.

There’s no soul—
so bodies a wander.

There’s no air—
except mechanised oxygen.

I have to go—
for beach breathes life
into my suffocation.


Sandy sunscreen
straw hat of dust
a coat of gravel
covering all
wanders woman 

Face to the sky
defying weariness
denying defeat
digs feet down
for peak.

Mean rebel
unmarried still
questionably so
treks solo.

Runs away
plain after plain
to send back
pain after pain
as parental hopes
finds noose.

Beams wide
atop mountain
brighter than light
from within
comes peace
with freedom.

Paint the town

Comes creative craze

with unlimited freedom

just as with power

Towering reminder

Freedom Tower in Miami
Freedom Tower, Miami

The breadth of freedom

still towering monuments

breath of history

— — — —

Completed in 1925, the Freedom Tower was the original the headquarters and printing facility of the newspaper The Miami News. When Cuban refugees fleeing Fidel Castro’s regime arrived in Miami during the 1960s, the federal government used the Tower to process, document, and provide medical and dental services for the newcomers. Source: Wikipedia.