Billboard at a bar in 6th steet, Austin, Texas

No bar

Left, right, or centre

take all in the right spirit

rain, shine, or rainbow

Central Park, New York City


Face world’s fakery

with a champion beside

enemy’s behind

— — —

Photo: Central Park in Manhattan, New York City


Torch of Friendship, Miami

Torch of Friendship, Miami


for the words of humankind

light as a feather

The quitter

When the going got tough, Mark was always the first one to quit. Every argument with friends and colleagues would result in Mark distancing himself from others. At thirty, he was friendless.

This time, however, he was going set it right. He was determined to sit down and talk it through, regardless of how tough it became. Mother was right, of course. This relationship was far more important than all other dismal failures.

At last, he was ready to persevere. With that happy note and flowers in hand, he entered their new home.

His bride of two months had left.

Thanks for the muse, Today’s Author.

Uncanny relationships

They hadn’t had a proper conversation since their farewell at college five years ago. Martha had pursued cookery and, as seen on television, did a fine job. Merlyn, on the other hand, realised her long-time ambition working in a farm. Not only did she graze with goats, eat goat cheese, and drink goat milk, but she preferred open valleys over open offices.

When Martha called the supplier of her last catering gig, she didn’t know it’d be Merlyn. They hadn’t had a proper conversation since they’d seen each other last—and discovered a love triangle with their best friend Jason.