close up photo of the bud of a sunflower, starting to unravel its layers

Sunflower bud’s life—
a multi-layered affair;
everyone wears masks.


close up photo of small cherry tomatoes in the palm of a person's hand

Dig, sweat, toil away,
reap gains of a lifetime’s work:
handful of goodness.


close up photo of two aubergines (eggplants) in the plant, one considerably more mature than the other

Older aubergine,
teaches young one to hang on—
lessons in living.


close up photo of tiger lillies in a bush

My garden tiger,
vibrant orange tiny stripes—
consumed by lilies.


close up photo of the bud of a bottle brush flower
Bottlebrush flower bud

As the curtains rise,
sunlight streams into the folds—
young bottlebrush sings.