close up photo a rocket plant's flowers and seeds
Rocket (arugula) from my garden

Ambitious rocket
snails towards destination,
readying for launch.


photo of a garden on a sunny day, full of spinach, rocket, lettuce, tomatoes, strawberries, and other green plants and trees

The sun has come out—
our garden’s looking alive,
doubt clouds have lifted.


close up photo of a flowering plant slightly leaning towards the sunlight, taken just before sunset

Growth spurt of a plant—
layered, our mind is complex,
leans towards the light.

About time

close up photo of a dried up camellia flower on the grass with fresher flowers fallen around it

Death, omnipresent,
surrounded by the living
my garden blossoms


photo of a garden weed surrounded by dead, brown matter

Pushing through the dirt
despite death and destruction
soldiering on: weeds