a garden patch with about 15 strawberry bushes, three tomato plants, and a handful of tiny, barely visible spinach plants

From dirt they arise,
slicing years of hardened earth—
weeds in my garden.

Time to go

a dead rose against a blue sky with patches of clouds

As the sun goes down
a deadhead rose arises—
end of an era


close up photo of a sprig of a curry leaf plant
Curry leaves

A spice in its spine
carries the soul of curries—
one almighty leaf.


a cactus plant, with an arm growing upwards from a broken stump that had been growing sideways.

A cactus seeks light
reprioritises path—
pivotal moments.


a hard-skinned fruit, crinkled in the sun

Leaves its mark on you,
true exposure therapy—
just being outdoors.