One day

A great monument of our time
pictured vague in historical texts
an obligation as a child in school
who called the third world home
a land far away from the others
living life unheard of and ignored
a curious kid in skirt and shoes
with wide eyes, wondering mind
learning from cheap illustrations
and hoping, one day, of seeing
the greatest of all architecture
towering proof of bygone culture

gushing back are those memories
as I see the tower crumble, again
its flying buttresses doubling over
losing strength of years conserved
trembling, tumbles the great spire
with it does all dreams of one day

Teach me how

How could you, mom?
tell me that all's well
and that Barnie's fine
he's gone to a farm
to care for his babies
that he'll soon return
How could you, mom?
I lay await for weeks
rushing to his kennel
after school each day
seeking Barnie's arrival
only to be disappointed
How could you, mom?
watch me as I continued
with my reckless efforts
in pursuit of happiness
hoping for my Barnie
to come back home to me
How could you, mom?
pacify yourself each night
as I cried myself to sleep
pray, tell how you did it
for my daughter's dog died
and I've sent it to a farm too