Spring in Canberra

And they fall

As war mother’s tears
shedding, scattering plenty,
yet prettier, spring.

Handmade jewellery at a shop in Melbourne

Modern society

Beauty in necklace—
intolerable in streets—
multi-colour skins.

Photo: From an interesting shop called Eclectico in Melbourne. They sell a range of jewellery, handicrafts, and attire from Mexico, Peru, Spain, Brazil and south east Asia. Great place to look around while waiting for the next tram.

Flowers at Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne


Darling buds look down,
as emperor on subjects
except, natural

Photo: Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne
Mornings in Melbourne

Fighting back

For every tree felled
another, spreading its wings,
defies challenger

Floriade festival 2019, Canberra, Australia

Sibling rivalry

Big sister, tulip,
shoved aside in a rose world
too plain to notice

Photo: Floriade festival, Canberra