Insides of a dried mushroom

Deep-set mystery,
pleated within a mushroom;
nature, sign of life.

Photo: The inside of a dried mushroom. Here’s the same one in all its glory.

All in a cup

Cappuccino at a local cafe, Canberra
Cappuccino at a local cafe, Canberra

Well rounded coffee,
and bold bittersweet cocoa;
full-flavoured is life.

Season’s greetings

Spring blossoms with raindrops on them

Mellow yellow, white—
cacophony of colours,
spring rain; burst of green.

Out with the old

Luscious spring trees, Canberra

Nature’s spring cleaning:
casting out bony branches;
remains of winter.


Royal Botanical Gardens, Sydney

On cold winter nights—
like rain on a warm spring eve—
a ray of sunshine.