a hiking trail with tall, slender gum trees on either side of it

Natural talent,
as rhythmic whisper of gums,


screenshot of a map of the Mount Remarkable summit hiking trail in Melrose

In search of the peak
hiking beyond hiker’s high—
just footprints on sand.


photo of a woman walking down the Alligator Gorge in Mt. Remarkable National Park in South Australia

Every step we take
towards a stream of water—
a dream is alive.

Taking in the view

photo from halfway up the Mr Remarkable summit trail, overlooking the small towns around Melrose and the roadway leading to the Flinders ranges in the distance
Halfway up the Mt. Remarkable summit trail, SA, overlooking small town Melrose and the Flinders Ranges beyond

Climbing a mountain—
miles to go before I sleep,
but will stop and breathe.


photo of loose rocks and gravel path of the Mt. Remarkable hiking trail in South Australia
Part of the trail up Mt. Remarkable, South Australia

Hiking up mountains,
paving way for more humans—
at nature’s mercy.