photo of a cobweb on a window pane during sunset

Fingerprints of time
spreading veins, taking over
my ignored window


Photo of the sun setting behind eucalyptus trees

Fireball in the sky,
showering the world with sparks,
warm up for winter.


Lakeshore Park, Austin, Texas
Lakeshore Park, Austin, Texas

Ends the comfort zone

begins there a new venture

awaits adventure

My Space

Millennium Park, Chicago
Millennium Park, Chicago

As a jungle wolf,

swaggering, high in spirit

solo traveller


The unusual

It’s not uncommon to see thousands of aircrafts at an airport. It is however, quite unusual when these aircrafts are inside, rather than outside. An interesting sight at the SeaTac International Airport, this aircraft hovered about, as if ready for take off. It’s a beautiful work of craft, outlining precise details of an airplane. If you’re ever in the building, I’d recommend you check it out.