Dead crab at the Varkala beach, Kerala, India

Oh, life you beauty

creepy, puny, and fleeting 

caught only by death


Owner and his boat in Varkala, Kerala
Owner and his boat in Varkala, Kerala

As precious and pride

as daughter to a father

boat to her owner

Oh, those walls

Buildings are beautiful. Despite the negativity around schools, places of worship, or even court houses, the structure of some of those buildings is fascinating. And the reason is because what’s on the outside is far more interesting than what’s inside. One such building I came across during my visit to Kerala is this information centre in a national park. The inside of it was hollow, without much of the information it promised to contain. Nevertheless, the outside had a variety of textures to enjoy.

information centre

I wandered

Sometimes in life you don’t realise how much you love doing something unless you’ve stopped doing it altogether. For instance, I didn’t know how much I enjoyed travelling until I found myself sitting alone in a large room sorrounded by too much space yet too little fresh air, reminiscing the good old days. This particular photo happened in Thekkady, Kerala.



Sometimes you need to stare long before you realise that the our world is more majestic than we think. I had such a moment of awe and eye splendour in Thekkady, a part of Kerala. It was the green mountain, called so because its greenery lasts throughout the year.

It wasn’t just any mountain, though. It’s home for some of the tallest trees, mildest deer, and wildest elephants. Not to forget the freshest of lemongrass. You could reach out and snatch the grass off its root (Evil, I know. I was appalled when our host did it, but was also glad later.), and the lemony scent would fill the air with all its natural glory. None of the perfumed, lemon-flavoured car fresheners would come anywhere close to it. That’s the beauty of our earth—human creations stand no chance against it.

Green mountain-Thekkady