The yellow caps

Yellow hats at a construction site -
a silent trancing in the ears
arms swinging to the tone
unchallenged my path ahead
and sleepy eyes that wander by

yellow hats bobbing beside
in blazing orange jackets
heavy-soled workers' shoes
and stained knee cap pants

marching all in a single file
heading towards the incomplete
labouring in the wintry breeze
for wages to drown the hunger rage

eyes filled with expectation
life devoid of all reputation
board faces and pale skins
and hearts full of wonderment

bottle of water swinging in hand
and as empty stomach urging on
walk soldiers defenders of homes
jobs to be done, for bills to be paid

strolling along next to me
close enough, not enough to smear
anger or even a trace of reality
for their's fulfilment in construction

Image source: Unsplash.