Lake Ginninderra, Canberra


nature’s art of existence

humans’ however;

Winter walks

Winter trees by the Lake Ginninderra

Wandering by the lake
on a warm winter afternoon
the ground still reeking of dew
last night’s mist lost for good
taking one step after another
the sun burning my face
and shivering breeze
nuzzling my neck, ruffling hair
from its designated place
I saw
what I’d never seen
as yesterday, they stood
leaves now browner,
falling faster
as though a snake its skin
showing off
whimsically their ashy limbs
once hidden behind gravy barks
sticking up oddly in angles
as a dead mosquito victim of spite
like chartered children
unwanted they stood
pale, shaken, deprived
still housing burgundy leaves
under their bosom,
the protective shell,
a new home on the ground
for those fallen from above
awaiting another home
down under this time
to rise high as green as ever
circling back
I retraced my steps homeward
just like nature

Photo: Winter trees by the Lake Ginninderra

Take a walk

sun-setting tree tops

and a cloud-covered moonshine

a heaven on earth

Photo: Sunset and moonrise over the Lake Ginninderra in Canberra, Australia