Do more

Photo of a tall tree among shorter bushes, with the sun shining from behind it.

Over achiever
out standing, the outlier
plant parent pressure


Photo of a river flowing between rocks, with mountains around it. Cataract Gorge, Launcheston.

Gurgling in my ear
making outdoors great again
riverside whispers

Desert time

photo of dark clouds over a sandy coast

Vaguely-cloaked, darkness,
chases sandy mirages
carries rain away.

Wild walk

a path leading into a forest surrounded by trees

Wave of moist gum breeze
engulfs, tackles me to ground
into the calm wild.

Hi there!

photo of a tree with bright yellow leaves
It’s an autumn tree, but reminds me of spring. Go figure.

Blooming dale, valley
sprawling with smiling faces,
spring arrives in style.