a view of the ocean on a sunny day
Tamar Island, Launceston, Tasmania

A world of glitter,
opening eyes, horizons—
more precious than gold.


close up photo of a spiky plant

Rough edges, grim chasms—
existence is imperfect,
be out, believing.

Growing up

sunlight streaming from behind dense trees, a park Launceston, Tasmania
Launceston, Tasmania

Peek-a-boo plays sun,
shunting doubtful clouds aside,
bright new day at work.

Silent stalker

morning fog over the Launceston as seen in the distance with the sun lightly visible
Foggy mornings in Launceston

Casting shadows far,
eagle over an anthill,
fog rolls above town.


view of the ocean in the distance and grassy path closeby with white clouds gathering overhead

Chasing their own tails,
bounding onto luscious fields,
ocean’s athletes, clouds.