photo of the late afternoon sun siltering through a eucalypt tree top

The halo of hope,
echoes from every tree top—
go out at sun set.


photo of an almond on a tree as taken from below, with the sun overhead

Soaking up the sun,
first almonds of the season,
stroll in the garden.

Work from home

Sunset as seen from a dark room, through the curtains of a window. Silhouettes of two chairs are visible close to the window.

Scenic home office;
sun sets beyond my window,
I return to work.


close up photo of the flowers of a chandelier plant, also known as mother of millions
Chandelier plant, also known as mother of millions

Mother of millions,
overarching chandelier,
bows for the royal.


photo of the first spring flowers in an apricot tree

First flowers blossom,
as cold lifts and warmth settles—
depression dissolves.