close up phot of a block cat with mustard-colours eyes looking sideways at the camera

Sheer indifference,
extreme passion, fierce hatred—
wordless, cats show all.


photo of a black board with the words "what's your why?" in big letters, with various reasons scrawled around them.

We’d do anything
for the world to hear and love
stories of our life

Young love

photo of the sun shining through autumn leaves
Autumn in Canberra

A meek sun peeks through,
warmth against the chilly cheek;
autumn blushes, falls.


Sneaking, whispered phone calls, late meetings—I’d failed to read the obvious signs. Never imagined my husband could be stealthy. My bad.

He threw me the best surprise birthday party.

This is my entry for day 23 of the Writers Victoria Flash Fiction competition. Today’s prompt: read.


Mania and depression met at a party. It was love at first sight—but soon enough, one realised that the other had got it by the eyeballs.

This is my entry for the Writers Victoria Flash Fiction 2020 contest run by Writers Victoria. Every day throughout April, they’ll publish a prompt on their website and Twitter handle. The competition is to come up with a flash fiction incorporating the prompt in 30 words or fewer. Interested? Check it out!