So it seems

Assumes affection

insisting on persisting

the marriage mirage



Widowed at sixty

symphony of sympathy

modern Mozart sings


bridal dress



In today’s grand scheme

tardiness bride is thy name

this your wedding day


The detective studied the rotting corpse laid out on the table in front of him. She had lived the high life, he could tell from her manicured finger nails and pruned eyebrows. She’d made conscious efforts on her appearance, he realised observing a sheen of foundation clinging to skin that stretched over handsome cheekbones. Young and married to a wealthy realtor who was working out of town, nothing about Keira betrayed the cause of her sinister suicide.

He scrutinised her for a sign. Why had she overdosed on sleeping pills? Alas, he couldn’t have known: loneliness left its mark within.

Cold feet

Wedding bells reserved,

still gathers reservations

who fears to commit