Sign indicating the riverwalk in downtown Miami

Guidance system

Friends of a hiker

harsh, subtle, clear as Carlin

signs at street corners

This little un-named “sign” on the streets of downtown Miami indicates that the Miami Baywalk (or riverwalk) is at the end of the street running along the sign. The waves on the sign mark the direction you need to take to reach the river. There’s no other writing or signboard to accompany this structure—you either see it or you don’t.

Of course, even if you miss it, Google Maps does a pretty good job of getting you there. But that’s not the point.


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Downtown Miami
Downtown Miami

Observe, do nothing

better than any filter

flicker of nature

South beach, Miami

Artificial reminders

Birds chirp, flowers bloom

yet it’s signboards that remind

life is beautiful

Miami views

The other perspective

Each a point of view

through windows or across shores

all true, all nature’s

Portrait on exhibit at the Freedom Tower, Miami

Eyes don’t lie

Eyes reek poverty

and hands wilt with weariness

yet the heart brims care

Photo: Portrait on exhibit at the Freedom Tower, Miami